Industry Solutions


We offer solutions for agriculture, which can be used at all stages of raising and processing products. The units we produce are used in low-temperature drying of different products, in in-line drying of grain crops and selective removal of present infestants before dispatch for storage, in grain micronization, in pre-seeding treatment of seeds to increase viability of plants and their growth energy. We produce mobile vermiculite exfoliating and regenerating units for greenhouses and hydroponics, and also units for soil disinfection. Our developments are applied in live stock breeding for drying and disinfection of feed, manure processing and underlaying materials.

Food-manufacturing industry

The units developed by our experts solve the following problems for food-manufacturing industry: low temperature drying of thermolabile products, fast drying of products, roasting of different nuts and roasting of coffee, foaming of products, thermal processing of already packaged products, pasteurization of bran, spices and other plant raw materials, defrostation of frozen products, processing of raw materials to improve their organoleptic parameters.

Chemistry and petroleum chemistry

For chemistry and petroleum chemistry we offer equipment and technologies for drying different substances, units for high temperature superheating of water steam and other gases (steam superheaters), reactors for conducting in-line high temperature reactions, scientific research, research and development works to integrate microwave processing into technological procedures to intensify chemical reactions and decrease production energy costs.

Mining and oil industries

For mining and oil industries we conduct scientific research, research and development works in upcoming trends where microwave energy is used for ore and well treatment. Construction industry We offer solutions in intensive drying of flow constructional materials, technologies of efficient drying of void and heat-insulating materials. We also offer units for obtaining exfoliated vermiculite in production of heat-insulating and fire-resistant materials.


In this area our company actively develops equipment and technologies in purification of productions’ gas emissions, non-waste recycling of toxic, medical, and pharmaceutical waste, obtaining of sorbents associated with vermiculite.

Alternative energetics and waste recycling

For alternative energetic and waste recycling we offer systems of microwave pyrolysis, units of gas afterburn, systems of obtaining high temperature superheated steam of atmospheric pressure.