About company

Main Body of Work

The main expertise area of our company Technological Systems and Complexes is development and launching equipment and technologies using microwave energy. Owing to the specific features of exposure to microwave energy one can achieve essential reduction of energy costs, build modest-size and mobile technical equipment, simplify production infrastructure, and also develop absolutely new innovative technological procedures and equipment. The company deals in release of series equipment and microwave generators, also conducts scientific research, design and experimental developments.

Completed Projects

For the last 15 years experts from Technological Systems and Complexes have completed a lot of research and projects in developing long-range equipment and technologies, along with release of series equipment, which were applied in different industrial branches. Among our clients are Russian companies and also international companies and concerns. We developed the following technologies and equipment:

– Units of microwave vacuum processing of products
– Technology of low temperature microwave vacuum dehydration of thermolabile products
– Units of in-line thermal processing of flow organic and mineral materials
– Technological lines of in-line and cyclic sterilization of plant food and pharmaceutical raw materials
– Technology of sterilization of dry plant materials
– Equipment and technologies of in-line sterilization of packaged products
– Technologies and equipment of dehydrating fluid food and pharmaceutical products while using microwave energy and also vortex drying with inert carriers
– Technology of timber modification with mutual exposure to microwave energy and ultra sound
– Technology of direct metal reduction from low enriched ore minerals
– Technology of solvolysis of waste rubber technical goods
– Technology of microwave pyrolysis of organic waste
– Technology of purification of gas emissions
– Equipment for microwave bake (exfoliation) of vermiculite
– Equipment and technologies of high temperature superheat of water steam and gases
– Multimode and single-mode microwave generators of medium and high capacity

And so forth…

Partnership with St. Petersburg State University of Electrical Engineering

(former Leningrad School of Electrical Engineering).

Our company Technological Systems and Complexes forms a partnership with St. Petersburg State University of Electrical Engineering (former Leningrad School of Electrical Engineering) in the area of research and integration of microwave, energy saving, eco-friendly and clean technologies of materials processing.

The University of Electrical Engineering was founded in 1886 and became the first specialized school of electrical technology not only in the Russian Empire but in entire Europe. One of its first principals was an inventor of radio A. S. Popov. Through its entire history the University educated a constellation of prominent scientists and became a founder of new scientific schools and industrial branches. One of the famous students, a Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics Zhores Ivanovich Alferov, graduated from the University.

Technological Systems and Complexes in collaboration with Department of Radio Engineering Electronics conduct research projects in using microwave energy and producing innovative equipment in the laboratory of Microwave Technologies of Metal Processing. Annually our company provides production and technology internships to the students of St. Petersburg State University of Electrical Engineering.

Owing to the field of our works bachelors and masters from the Departments of Radio Engineering Electronics, Electronic Devices and Units, Automated Operational Systems, and Engineering Protection of Environment prepare their graduation theses. Most of the students continue to cooperate with our company after receiving their Bachelor and Master’s degrees.